sha1crack: a SHA-1 bruteforce cracker


TAGS: vhdl, fpga, cryptography


The sha1crack system is a FPGA-based SHA-1 bruteforce cracker. Its initial purpose was to decrypt a SL3 Nokia hash in order to retrieve the NCK code. The design is composed of a key generator, a SHA-1 encryption engine and a comparator module. This design is intended to be run on a DE0-NANO board.

NSA@home project started as an initial design reference. But theses sources are in Verilog.

A non optimized version is available as a release. I’m currently working on a new release that would reduce the number of logic elements, so that I can increase the pipeline depth. This project is still an educational work in progress, Plus, it’s opensource so anyone can fork or contribute to it.

The range of key decryption is limited, as it is plain unoptimized bruteforce. Cracking has been sucessfully tested on a set of small sized keys.

VHDL sources and more explanations on how the design works are available here.